Mikey  has been a spiritual seeker his whole life, and his first act of devotion was probably the crafting of a nature altar in his bedroom when he was seven. He is an initiate of the Anderson Feri Tradition and places emphasis on a strong foundational daily practice, particularly the cultivating of ecstasy in sacred space. He also connects with the very best of the Reclaiming Tradition (having been initiated by Reclaiming and Feri Witches) such as the Principles of Unity, access to public ritual and the power of magical political activism.

He is devoted to the Guardians of Feri and has an intimate relationship with God Her/Self and Her most terrible spirit, the Peacock God, Melek Ta’us. He is currently exploring the intersections of Melek Ta’us, the Divine Twins and Lucifer, as well as self-possessory practices.

In his personal Feri practice he weaves together strands of Santeria/Lucumi, Queer spirituality, the Tarot and meditation. His daily practice centres on the core rites of kala and soul-alignment.  He has also been a Reiki Master for close to ten years, and is in the process of building a business dedicated to the teaching of Reiki.