New site design underway


Drying rag dolls I’ve made for different purposes on my clothesline in the back garden.

From time to time, it’s always a good idea to reflect on the purpose of a public website and blog such as this. To then decide either re-confirm the current mission for this site or restructure what it is I want it to say. The site began being  about teaching a long term training through an evolving coven structure in the Anderson Feri tradition of witchcraft.  The curriculum and how the three cycles lay out will remain, taking roughly three years to complete. I believe it reflects a solid teaching format that passes on skills, history, lore and core spiritual practices rooted in the Feri tradition, that also goes through a teaching and learning cycle of reflection and constructive feedback and my own path of continuing to learn and evolve. I am someone who follows lines of inquiry to as close to their root source as I can, leading me to expanding my spiritual base into intensive meditation practices, Vipassana, researching Huna and Celtic fairy faiths and becoming an Aborisha in the Lucumi religion.  As a visual artist, writer, and teacher, I’d like this site to reflect my commitment to the Craft in it’s traditional meaning and to spiritual and magical development in devotional work through the creative arts and connecting to the natural world and spirit realms we are all a part of and to step up and be accountable in this world .

I’ll keep this post short and end with, come back and visit myself and Craft friends in the future to see how things are evolving. There will be public offerings of informative posts, artwork, suggestions for your own artistic devotions, healing practices and divination work as well as occasional public workshops. Here I am, waving from the beautiful Chiltern Hills.