Georgia Midnight Crow

Midnight Crow’s journey to ‘witchyhood’ began from an early age while surrounded by the magical wilderness and beauty growing up in Australia. Born in the year of the fire horse, she honours the wild places her inspiration comes from and her practice is anchored in devotional work. She expresses her love of the sacred and the divine by celebrating through movement, dance, ritual drama and storytelling.  Midnight Crow is an initiate of the Anderson Feri and Reclaiming Traditions and has a background in Australian form of the Alexandrian tradition. She has been involved in teaching Feri and Reclaiming workshops and witchcraft core skills  locally and internationally with Bríghde Éire for many years now. Midnight Crow and Bríghde Éire developed together a long term training programme in the Feri tradition and core witchcraft expression of spirituality and magic. Passing on solid skills of the craft is the focus of her teaching, along with ritual design and the tarot. She loves drinking coffee and enjoys a wicked sense of humour.