who are we

We are a group of initiates in the Anderson Feri Tradition of witchcraft who live and practice in the UK and abroad.

Some of us have also been long time teachers and priestesses in the Reclaiming Tradition, who were deeply drawn to the Feri energies and tools embedded in Reclaiming teaching and practices.

Our Feri lineage comes through Deborah Oak and the Trisket Line.

We are artists, singers, drummers, teachers, parents, committed partners and lovers. We believe that magic infuses all aspects of life, from doing the dishes, the laundry, to comforting a child, family member or friend, to those ecstatic moments of connection with the divine.

We are devotees in service to the divine force from which all things emerge and all things return, the fabric of love that embraces us all. We practice an embodied ecstatic path with a strong emphasis on personal autonomy, sovereignty and creativity.

Artistic expression and devotion to the Feri Gods are paramount as well as a deep emphasis on personal integrity, wholeness and sexual purity. Our magical tradition holds within aspects of Fey sorcery, the martial concept of the warrior ethic and the Luciferian gnosis of knowing yourself in all of your parts. Healing and magical spiritual development of self and supporting and encouraging healing and development in others is an important part of our purpose.

We find our roots in our ancestors of both blood and spirit; Celtic, Native American, Voudon, Sumerian, Hellenic, Hebraic and Huna.

Between us, we also have initiations and/or backgrounds in the Reclaiming, Alexandrian 1734, Elven Traditions of witchcraft and the Lucumi religion.

In our teaching, we strive to pass on the core practices and theology of Feri witchcraft, a living tradition, as originally transmitted by Victor and Cora Anderson. We walk the blade’s edge of staying true to the original teachings as well as contributing our own evolving interpretations. We work with this core and a larger body of liturgy and lore towards personal evolution and a commitment to self possession.

Our intent for this website is to make ourselves accessible to those who may seek us. We teach both in person and have developed a distance programme that includes face to face meetings. We also host workshops and intensives given by our mentors and friends from the wider witchcraft community.

All artwork on this site was illustrated by Anne-Marie Perks and protected by the Creative Commons Copyright Law. It you want to see more of Anne-Marie’s work go to http://www.annemarieperks.com