We offer workshops, weekend intensives and long term training in the Anderson Feri Tradition, and one to one mentorship, teaching and spiritual counseling.

Our workshops and intensives are open to the general public as well as long term students. We also host whom we feel are great teachers in the witchcraft traditions a couple of times a year. We do charge a sliding scale for  workshops and intensives to cover travel costs, venue hire, promotion and other expenses as necessary. We believe in being as accessible as possible.

For long term training we charge a small monthly fee to cover expenses and not to make a profit. No one with a sincere desire will be turned away for lack of funds. We recognise that there are many valid views on charging and we believe each teacher has to come to their own choices around this based on life circumstances and spiritual calling. Though our tradition is an initiatory one, long term teaching with us does not necessarily lead to initiation into the Feri Tradition. Our commitment is to passing on solid foundational magical spiritual skills to empower, awaken and better our lives. Our way is practical.

Those students who through mutual decision between teacher/mentor and themselves do enter the initiation path are not charged for teaching and guidance nor for the initiation itself. Feri has one initiation, unlike many other traditions who use a degree system, hence it has to be said, a decision to initiate is never a matter to be taken lightly. Initiation is also decision of not only marrying the Gods, it is entering into a family.

Amhranai-Mati teacher biographies

Bríghde Éire also known as Anne-Marie

Georgia Midnight Crow

Mikey (Harlequin)

Deborah Oak

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